About Empire

About Empire

The story of Empire Saddles begins in 2015, when Jolanda and Nienke, both saddle fitters, decided to build a bridge between manufacturers and saddle fitters. From their desire to provide quality and customizable saddles without compromise, Empire Saddles was born. Their focus is on reliability, comfort and quality, with practical solutions and attention to craftsmanship.

At Empire Saddles, we understand the need of saddle fitters for customizable saddles that meet the highest standards of comfort and durability. We take purchasing, inventory management and product development out of their hands, so saddlefitters can focus on their craft.

Our work focuses on the satisfaction of both rider and horse. We strive for perfection in every saddle and believe in honest communication and lasting relationships. We are always ready to resolve any issues and provide the best experience.

Empire Saddles stands for reliability and quality, and we are committed every day to being the best at what we do.

Our passion for perfection

Empire Saddles was created from years of collaboration between riders, saddle fitters, saddle makers, instructors and physical therapists. Our saddles are handmade with care and attention in England.

The saddles are fitted by a select group of saddle fitters chosen for their training and experience. We also pay great attention to the continued training of our saddlefitters. This ensures the high quality of both the product and the fit of our Empire saddles.

The Empire Team

Jolanda van der Leeden and Nienke Bergsma are the owners of Empire Saddles, which was founded in 2015.

Jolanda, an SMS Master Saddle Fitter, leads saddle development and trains Empire dealers, answering all their questions about saddle fitting. Her experience and passion for leatherworking contribute to the quality of the saddles.

Nienke, former MSFC and SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter, returned to the company in 2021 after a short break. She now manages Empire Saddles’ marketing, finance, administration and vendor relations.

Her attention to detail and organizational skills ensure smooth operations and good relationships with suppliers.

Together, Jolanda and Nienke work to provide high-quality saddles for riders and their horses.

Jolanda and Nienke cannot keep Empire Saddles running without the indispensable help of others, such as Jolanda’s parents, Gijs and Marianne, who make their location available, and photographer Sorcha, who captures our beautiful saddles.

Meet our team
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Jolanda van der Leeden
CEO, CPO & Dealer training
Nienke Bergsma
CEO, COO & Marketing

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The Lorijn Saddles
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Saddle & Care
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LK Saddle Service
Learning Workshop-IZA
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Saddlery Ten Pas
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Saddle service Melissa
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Appropriate saddle
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Horse Practical
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LB Saddle Workshop
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Joyce Abraas
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DS Saddle Service
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In Balance Saddlefitting
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Equine Saddle
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The Saddle Fitting Service
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Our collection consists of 6 models, on different trees and cushions and with different options for seat depth, knee rolls and sweat pad position.