Empire Baroque

Empire Baroque

From €4800.

Features and options

Standard supplied in soft and supple buffalo leather, other types of leather available on request

16.5" to 18.5"

100% wool-filled and comes standard with TreeClix for optimal adaptability

Choice of different cushion designs for maximum comfort and shoulder freedom for your horse

Various girth bump positions

Close contact feel due to the girth flap design

Choice of knee hocks in various lengths that support your leg

Ability to adjust the position and length of the sweat pad for optimal leg positioning

De Empire Baroque is een luxueus zadel voor het barokke type paard, het Friese paard en koudbloeden, maar ook voor het rongeribde warmbloedpaard.

Perfect fit for low to medium withers and rounded topline

The Empire Baroque is built on a saddle tree suitable for horses with low to medium withers. Because of the saddle’s wide twist and short fit, it is suitable for somewhat more long-ribbed horses with a short overlay.

The wool-filled pillows are designed for even pressure distribution and have a wide chamber with space for the spine. The special design provides optimal pressure distribution over the entire horse’s back, giving the spine plenty of freedom. This keeps the saddle perfectly in place and gives your horse plenty of shoulder clearance.

In addition, the tree size can be adjusted with the TreeClix system, which allows an adjustment of up to 4 cm.

What our customers say

What do our customers say about the Baroque

For my round PRE with some withers anyway, it was difficult to find the right saddle. I myself have short legs and wide sitting is therefore not easy. When I went to test the Empire Baroque, I was pleasantly surprised: the tree gives enough freedom despite its round wide back, and the construction of the seat still allows me to sit easily without feeling so wide, blissful!

For my horse, I chose the wider cushion so that it is comfortable for him too and he can "take me along" more easily. The beautiful brown buffalo leather combined with the brown crocolac accents gives it a beautiful look 🤩. Because I don't like big hocks I chose a smaller wrong than the standard wrong, with this I have all the freedom in my seat so I can move freely in my body.

Mariëlle Rovers - Amazon & Saddle Fitter
What do our customers say about the Baroque

I have many somewhat wider horses and the Baroque fits perfectly for that. The saddle also has a very nice fit for the rider. It is soft, but you are not trapped in it. Very nice saddle!

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Femke de Laat - Small tour rider
"I have many broader horses and the Baroque fits perfectly for that. The saddle also has a very nice fit for the rider." - Femke de Laat, Small tour rider

Try out the Baroque

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