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The perfect balance between comfort and performance

The right tree and cushions

Proper saddle fit is critical to both your horse's performance and well-being. Therefore, we offer a wide range of...
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Knee rolls, seat depth and a soft seat

Each rider has unique preferences. Therefore, we offer dressage saddles with different seat depths, ranging from deep seat to less deep seat. A deep seat offers a firm and secure position, while a less deep seat can offer more freedom of movement....
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Wool-filled saddles for optimal comfort and fit

At Empire Saddles, we choose wool-filled saddles because we believe in the benefits of natural materials. Wool-filled saddles require a bit more maintenance to maintain their optimal performance....
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Customizability with the TreeClix System

We believe a saddle can only function properly if it is accurately adjusted! That is why we are proud that all of our saddles feature the TreeClix system....
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Choose your perfect saddle

Personalize your saddle with wonderful options. Choose from a base color, such as black or brown, and pick your leather type, such as Buffalo leather or Memel...
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About Empire Saddles

Don't saddle for less

The story of Empire Saddles begins in 2015, when Jolanda and Nienke, both saddle fitters, decided to build a bridge between manufacturers and saddle fitters. From their desire to provide quality and customizable saddles without compromise, Empire Saddles was born. Their focus is on reliability, comfort and quality, with practical solutions and attention to craftsmanship.

Empire saddles are handmade with care and attention in England. And they are fitted by a select group of saddle fitters, chosen for their training and experience. We also pay great attention to the continued training of our saddlefitters. This ensures the high quality of both the product and the fit of Empire saddles.

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Our Team

Jolanda van der Leeden and Nienke Bergsma are the driving forces behind Empire Saddles, which was founded in 2015.

Jolanda, an SMS Master Saddle Fitter, leads saddle development and trains Empire dealers, answering all their questions about saddle fitting. Her experience and passion for leatherworking contribute to the quality of the saddles.

Nienke, former MSFC and SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter, returned to the company in 2021 after a short break. She now manages Empire Saddles’ marketing, finance, administration and vendor relations.

What our customers say

Key points

Why should you choose us?

Empire Saddles combines craftsmanship with innovative technologies to create saddles that optimally support both riders and horses. Our extensive dealer training, use of high-quality materials, and ample inventory guarantee a perfect fit and exceptional comfort. We provide quality and customizable saddles without compromise for rider and horse.

Perfect fit

Our saddles offer a soft, narrow seat for riders and maximum comfort and freedom of movement for horses.

Comprehensive dealer training

Our saddle fitters are thoroughly trained to provide a personalized approach that meets the needs of both rider and horse.

Extensive stock

We stock a wide range of saddles, which ensures fast delivery and honest, customer-oriented service.

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Our Ambassadors

What do riders say about Empire?

“Many years ago I was looking for something I couldn’t find until then – that extra bit of sophistication in fitting. I finally found it in Empire. Empire is unique in its ability to connect horse and rider, allowing the horse to develop more quickly and comfortably thanks to its great adaptability.

The attention to detail in Empire is exceptional. The horse has all the space to move freely, while we as riders can sit comfortably and relax and feel every movement beneath us. This has taken me and my horse to the next level in our training.”

Vanja de Boer-Putker – Grand prix dressage rider