Never hesitate again: This is how to place your saddle perfectly on your horse’s back!

A properly placed saddle will prevent discomfort and injury to your horse. A common mistake when saddling a horse is putting the saddle too far forward. If the saddle is too far forward, it can restrict the movement of the shoulder and cause pain. This can lead to resistance, uneven gait and even long-term injuries. By placing your saddle correctly, you ensure that your horse can move freely and prevent injuries. Doubting whether you are laying your saddle down properly? Follow these steps:

4 steps to put your saddle in the right place

  1. Determine the position of your horse’s shoulder: Feel the front of your horse’s shoulder with your hand. The shoulder blade edge is a good indication of where to start.
  2. Note the shoulder movement for proper saddle position: Lift your horse’s leg and extend it forward. This allows you to feel how far back the scapula moves. It is important for the shoulder to rotate freely and not be obstructed by the saddle.
  3. Find the tree tip (the basic structure of the saddle): This is the hardest part of the saddle, just below the front cushions. You need to position this point.
  4. Place the saddle with the tree tip 3-5 cm behind the shoulder: This ensures that the shoulder can move freely and that the saddle does not lie too far forward.

Key points that ensure your saddle stays in place

A well-fitting saddle stays in place during work and allows your horse to move comfortably and freely. The proper fit of a saddle depends on several factors:

  • The right tree size and fit: A saddle that fits your horse’s back properly prevents pressure points and ensures even weight distribution.
  • Well-fitting cushions: Cushions should fit snugly on your horse’s back and apply even pressure.
  • Correct position of girth struts and appropriate girth: The girth must be in the correct position to keep the saddle stable without pinching.

Get help from your saddle fitter

Have you gone through these steps and still have doubts about whether you’re putting your saddle in the right place? Ask your saddle fitter for help!

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