Annual Empire dealer day led by Ergonomie Equestre

At Empire Saddles, we are committed to the ongoing training and support of our dealers. In addition to guiding our dealers individually, we organize an inspiring dealer day every year. On Monday, April 3, 2023, our annual Empire Saddles Dealer Day took place, and what a great day it was! Almost all of our dealers attended, and it turned out to be an educational and inspiring meeting.

Special Guest: Eugènie Cottereau

This time we had the honor of welcoming Eugènie Cottereau of Ergonomie Equestre from France. Eugènie is an authority on the rider’s posture and seat and has trained as many as 30 saddle fitters. Her deep expert knowledge and passion for ergonomics brought a wealth of insights during the dealer day.

The day began with an engaging theoretical session in which Eugènie shared her vision and knowledge. Topics ranged from the anatomy of the horse to the ideal rider’s seat and its impact on performance. Jolanda and Eugènie had recently conducted saddle consultations together, resulting in practical and very useful information for our dealers.

Practical Workshops

After a delicious lunch, where we had a chance to network and exchange experiences, we went to work in the indoor hall in the afternoon. Under the expert guidance of Eugènie, we worked with different combinations of riders and horses. The hands-on workshops provided a valuable opportunity to see theory in practice and experience how small adjustments can make big differences.

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“For me, the best thing about Empire saddles is that the customer gets that fine close-contact feeling with his horse, without the horse having to sacrifice freedom of movement and comfort.”

Frederieke Biemans – Saddle fitter at Bie-Fit