New model: Empire Omani

New to the collection: the Empire Omani. What a stunner of a saddle!

The Empire Omani is specially designed for horses with medium to high withers and a wide spine. The saddle tree is tailored to this anatomy, providing optimal shoulder freedom and comfort during every movement.

For the rider, this model offers a deeper seat for a stable and secure position without restricting. Because of the singleflap, the saddle gives you a close contact feel. The Omani has a sweat pad tilted a little further forward, with an integrated knee rise. This wrong gives a lot of freedom as well as support. Because of the soft foam, you always feel contact with the curb, without being forced.

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What do our saddle fitters say about Empire?

“For me, the best thing about Empire saddles is that the customer gets that fine close-contact feeling with his horse, without the horse having to sacrifice freedom of movement and comfort.”

Frederieke Biemans – Saddle fitter at Bie-Fit