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The perfect balance of comfort and performance with Empire dressage saddles

At Empire Saddles, we understand the essence of the sport of dressage. Our collection of dressage saddles is designed to meet the highest standards of comfort, performance and quality. We are proud to offer a wide range of options to meet the needs of every rider and horse.

Our collection consists of 6 models, on different trees and cushions, to accommodate your horse’s anatomy. For the rider, we offer several options for seat depth, knee rolls and sweat pad position. Thus, you, along with a Empire saddle passer, choose what suits you best and gives you the optimal balance and control.

Proper saddle fit is critical to both your horse’s performance and well-being. Therefore, we offer a wide range of saddle trees. Ranging from horses that are wide to narrow, have short backs or high withers, and everything in between. Regardless of your horse’s anatomy: at Empire, we start with the right tree as a foundation. This is the first, important, step toward a comfortable dressage saddle.

After choosing the right saddle tree, we move on to perfecting the cushions. Empire saddles have a large bearing surface, minimizing pressure on the horse’s back and maximizing the horse’s performance. During the production of the saddles, we can have various adjustments made to the shape of the cushion for a custom fit. Our Empire dealers will help you select the tree and cushions that best fit your horse’s anatomy.

Each rider has unique preferences. Therefore, we offer dressage saddles with different seat depths, ranging from deep seat to less deep seat. A deep seat offers a firm and secure position, while a less deep seat can offer more freedom of movement.

For optimal posture and leg position, our saddles have several options in terms of knee rolls and position and length of the sweat pad. So you can choose what suits you best and gives you optimal balance and control.

Driving should be a pleasure. Whether you train or compete, the soft seat of our saddles will keep you comfortable.

At Empire Saddles, we choose wool-filled saddles because we believe in the benefits of natural materials. Wool-filled saddles require a bit more maintenance to maintain their optimal performance. However, this investment is worth it for riders who seek the best for their horses. A well-maintained wool-filled saddle molds to your horse’s back. It provides even pressure distribution and maximum comfort during the ride.

We believe a saddle can only function properly if it is accurately adjusted! Therefore, we are proud that all of our saddles feature the

Training, seasonal changes or injuries change your horse. It is important that the tree width of your saddle can be adjusted to accommodate these changes. The right tree size ensures that a saddle will remain stable and give shoulder clearance to your horse. Your horse stays light in the hand, moves uphill, stays fine in transitions and can move as optimally as possible under saddle!

The TreeClix system allows unlimited adjustment of the saddle tree up to 3 sizes in 5mm increments. A simple action restores balance, range of motion and proper saddle pressure. Your horse will experience more comfort under the saddle and your saddle will last longer!

Personalize your saddle with wonderful options. Choose from a base color, such as black or brown, and pick your leather type, such as Buffalo leather or Memel. Add patent leather accents for extra style, or sparkle with Swarovski Stardust or Swarovski stones on the spoon. Make your saddle as unique as you are!

Or choose from our large inventory and find the perfect saddle that is already waiting for you!

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Empire Avanti
From €4450.
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Empire Maratha
From €4800.
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Empire Omani
Starting at €5050.
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Empire Aztec
From €4800.
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Empire Baroque
From €4800.
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Empire Median
From €4800.
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What do our saddle fitters say about Empire?

“Because Empire saddles has several models, each with their own tree shape, which are equipped with TreeClix as standard, it is now possible for me as a saddle fitter to help almost any horse get a well-fitting saddle. This combined with all the options available to the rider, these saddles are every saddle fitter’s dream!”

Sander Gepkens – Saddle fitter at The Saddle Fitting Service