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Training: At Empire Saddles, we strive for perfection in saddle fitting by taking a personalized approach. Our saddle fitters are extensively trained to understand the needs of both the rider and the horse. We organize informative dealer days every year and we regularly go with our saddle fitters to visit their customers.

Innovation: We are constantly working to improve the design of our saddles, for example by making adjustments to the tree, the cushion design or testing out new rockers. We also use innovative techniques, such as Treeclix, to achieve very precise tree size adjustment. Thanks to short lines of communication with our dealers, we stay in close contact with the needs of riders and horses, allowing us to respond quickly to their needs and develop new models when needed.

Material and fit: We use only high-quality materials in the design and manufacture of our saddles, making no compromises. Our saddles offer a soft, narrow seat for the rider while maximizing the horse’s comfort and freedom of movement, thanks to a minimal width of twist that allows horses to move freely and make a withers elevator. Empire dealers are trained to accurately size each saddle (in terms of tree size and padding) before putting it on the horse, resulting in an optimal fit and comfort for both rider and horse.

Stock: Empire Saddles has an extensive stock of saddles available to Empire dealers. This allows our dealers to purchase a saddle only when there is a concrete customer demand. This allows them to fully focus on finding the best fitting saddle, without limitations from their own stock. This ensures an honest and customer-focused approach, with the well-being of the horse always paramount.

Customer Service: We value our customers’ satisfaction and clear communication. Our saddle fitters and staff are always available to answer questions and provide support as needed.

When you make an appointment with an Empire dealer, this saddle fitter will visit you with a collection of saddles. During the consultation, the saddle fitter will first thoroughly analyze your horse, carefully observing your horse’s anatomy, build and movements. Based on this, the saddle fitter will select the tree and cushions that best fit your horse.

Each rider has unique preferences. Therefore, we offer dressage saddles with different seat depths, ranging from deep seat to less deep seat. For optimal posture and leg position, our saddles have several options in terms of knee rolls and position and length of the sweat pad.

With all this information, the dealer will make a selection of saddles that best suit you and your horse. These saddles are then carefully adjusted (in terms of tree size and padding) and tested to make sure they fit both of you perfectly. During the consultation, the dealer will give detailed advice and answer all your questions.

Empire Saddles has an extensive collection of saddles available. Should the saddle fitter not have the perfect saddle with him during the consultation, your perfect saddle may be in stock at our warehouse in the Netherlands. Usually the saddle can then be with your saddle fitter within 2-3 weeks. If not, we can have your saddle custom-made. Empire Saddles does not offer rental saddles. Discuss with your saddle fitter what options he or she offers for a rental saddle to bridge the waiting period.

  • Remove the worst dirt and dust with a dry cloth or soft brush. Remove the rest of the dirt and sweat with a damp cloth. Then treat with a gentle leather balm if necessary.
  • To preserve your saddle, we recommend getting on with a step.
  • Use a saddle support that keeps the saddle cushions clear. A saddle support where the cushions lie on the support can cause the cushions or wool to dent. This can negatively affect the fit of the saddle for your horse.
  • Be sure to remove the girth from the saddle when hanging the saddle away to reduce wear on the girth struts. Also check that the girth struts are not twisted.
  • Store your saddle in a well-ventilated area and never let your cover dry under your saddle. This is because moisture can soak into the wool of the pillows, causing the wool to sink in and not spring as well. This can be detrimental to your saddle’s fit and your horse’s comfort.

When purchasing a new saddle, it is advisable to schedule a follow-up check within 4-8 weeks. During this period, the wool of the new saddle may still sag a bit and may require refilling. In addition, a horse often moves and develops differently under a new saddle. It is important to adjust your saddle to accommodate this development so that your horse can continue to move optimally.

To that end, we recommend having your saddle checked at least twice a year by an Empire saddle fitter. If you use a saddle more intensively or notice that your horse has changed, such as seasonal changes, a move, an injury or a change in training, it may be necessary to have maintenance performed more frequently.

During the consultation, the Empire dealer at least checks whether the tree size is still correctly adjusted with TreeClix. And in addition, the filling is checked. You should always test ride during a checkup to see how your horse responds to the adjustments to the saddle.

As the proud owner of an Empire saddle, you naturally want to enjoy your saddle for as long as possible. 

It is important to realize that a saddle is an article of use and that user marks are logical with normal use. This normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty. However, if there is excessive wear that is not in line with what can reasonably be expected, the warranty conditions apply.

With normal use, we offer a five-year warranty on the saddle’s tree; a two-year warranty for stones, Swarovski and lacquer, and a three-year warranty for the leather. Please note that for the first year after purchase only, we also cover the cost of shipping the saddle to the factory and labor for tree, leather or stone/Swarovski replacement. 

Although we have limited inventory of used Empire saddles, we do sometimes have some available. It is best to contact your saddle fitter directly about this. They can tell you about availability and help you find a used saddle that fits your needs and budget. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Saddle fit is always our top priority, but we understand that sometimes you like to enter the ring with a little extra flair.

So at Empire Saddles, we offer a range of options for personalization. Whether a black or brown saddle, you can order it with stylish details such as crystal stones (in various colors) on the spoon, a Swarovski stardust spoon, a lacquer rim or a crocolak spoon and facing.

Feel free to contact your Empire dealer for more information on our personalization options. And also check out Instagram for inspiration!

You can find the prices of all models on the Collection page. Our saddles start at €4450. We charge an additional fee for options such as lacquer, stones and Swarovski. Ask your saddle fitter for specific prices!

Empire Saddles offers an extensive collection of saddles. If your saddle fitter does not have the perfect saddle with him during the consultation, your ideal saddle may be in stock at our warehouse in the Netherlands. Your saddle fitter can then order the saddle from stock and in most cases the saddle can then be with your saddle fitter within 2-3 weeks.

If the desired saddle is not in stock at Empire Saddles, we offer the option of having a saddle custom made at our factory. The delivery time for this is usually between 8 and 12 weeks. Please note that these delivery times may vary depending on factors such as factory crowding, vacations and raw material delivery. Empire Saddles cannot be held responsible for later delivery times due to these factors.

Empire Saddles does not offer rental saddles. Discuss with your saddle fitter what options he or she offers for a rental saddle to bridge the waiting period.